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Apply for student credit

Funding as a student is not easy. A student loan helps many students to finance their studies and running costs. As a student, it is often not easy to finance your livelihood. There may be tuition fees, the provision of teaching materials such as books and of course as a student you also want to enjoy this time from time to time, that is, to celebrate or go on vacation. For many students, a part-time job next to the university is not easy to cope with, since studying requires a lot and you spend a lot of time in the library or generally learning. In addition, many students also do or have to do unpaid internships to make it easier for them to start their careers later and to orientate themselves. Yes,


Student loan at the house bank

Student loan

In addition to the student loans, there are other ways to finance yourself as a student. Many students are looking for a cheap loan that many institutions already offer: the student loan. The student loan is characterized by the fact that it has favorable conditions, especially for students, so that as a student there is no need to worry about having a mountain of debt at the end of your studies. One way to apply for a student loan is through the normal house bank. Not all banks offer special student loans, but many already do.


Student loan

Student loan

Another possibility is offered by the Moneythink bank (credit institution for reconstruction). Moneythink bank actually offers support programs for start-ups or helps with the modernization of the house, but Moneythink also offers student loans in the field of student finance. The student loan from Moneythink is paid out in monthly amounts and the repayment is similar to the student loans: Moneythink Bank’s loan only has to be paid back at the end of the course.


Student loan through a credit portal

Student loan through a credit portal

These two ways, via the house bank or the Moneythink bank, are the conventional methods of obtaining a student loan. Another, in addition to these bank loans, is taking out a loan through a loan or finance portal. Although these are not special student loans, the loan is granted by private individuals and actually has no prescribed purpose. This way via the private person has the advantage that you can possibly speak to your lender personally and that they are usually at the level of a normal student loan with the terms of the loan. The private lenders show an understanding of the situation of the students and help them to finance themselves.


What should you look for as a student with student loans?

student loans?

What you should pay attention to is the credit bureau: If you already have a negative credit bureau entry as a student, which can happen faster than you think, it will be difficult to obtain a student loan from the house bank or the Moneythink bank. The creditworthiness will be classified as insufficient and the bank will therefore not lend any money. It looks better with a student loan through a credit portal. The private lenders are quite ready to help students with a negative credit bureau to finance.

Although there is another option, students are generally advised against this: a loan without credit bureau.Loans that are granted without credit bureau playing a role (except for student loans via a credit portal) are often not affordable for students because their conditions are accordingly higher if the credit bureau is not to be included. Therefore: as a student, steer clear of loans without credit bureau, you can quickly get into a financial emergency and the current purpose of financing yourself as a student is in the opposite direction.


New method to avoid credit card fraud

As more and more consumers stick to their credit cards to pay for everyday expenses, fraudsters are wasting no time and are finding ways to exploit failures and carelessness in using this convenient means of payment.

Do you feel safe with your credit card? Wouldn’t you rather check out the tips we posted here to prevent scams? Just keep reading.

This may happen to you. You end up on a nice day with an abnormally high account statement. You notice all kinds of expenses of which you do not know the source.

It is obvious that the date on your card has been stolen or that someone has abused it without your knowledge. But how to avoid this kind of situation? Here are seven tips to prevent credit card fraud.


The mobile payment

online loans

which has been tested for some time, is expected to grow in 2015. It is a payment method in which the buyer can pay with his smartphone. Apple also offers Apple Pay. Various banks and savings banks have come together to develop a uniform standard.

As more and more options for cashless payments are offered, consumers are skeptical about whether they are secure methods.

It can be assumed that there is a particular risk from credit cards and ID cards that work with magnetic stripes. If a hacker can read out the information on the magnetic stripe, it is easy to manipulate and use it. The complications were only recently seen in the Lesly Chaos Computer Club. It was found that even biometric recognition methods, which include the fingerprint scanner, are susceptible to fraud.


Breakthrough in security thanks to Dutch researchers

credit cards

With the help of the smallest particles, it is checked whether it is really the card holder. The card no longer has a magnetic stripe, but a small field with millions of nanoparticles on it. This field is processed with a laser by the issuing bank. The photons are arranged once on the surface and are just as unique as the fingerprint. In this way, a clear assignment to a person can be made. The area can never be copied. The researchers assume that a credit card that is equipped with such a technology cannot be cracked.The data would be destroyed even in a single attempt.

The practical thing: Not only credit cards could become unbreakable through this mechanism, but also ID cards, cars or access cards for buildings.