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Do you have work to do but no contribution? Lenders agree to offer offers of loans without contribution in the context of carrying out work. See for an observation

Credits for works: the contribution

Credits for works: the contribution

The contribution is a sum of money set aside or resulting from the resale of a property, it is a sign considered positive by lenders who see in borrowers a financial capacity to put money aside. That said, the purchase of a house or the unexpected in life means that a household is not always able to save money to finance the work, which requires resorting to a loan to the consumption.

Lenders offer offers of conso credits dedicated to the works without taking into account the contribution, it is the assurance of being able to finance its works without constraints: structural work, public works, roofing, veranda, terrace, insulation, tiling, etc …

Loan work without contribution: how does it work?

Loan work without contribution: how does it work?

A borrower can ask his bank or through a comparator like this one a quote for the financing of his work. If most banks ask to see require to advance a contribution, it is not systematic to first benefit from financing and secondly to negotiate the best rate. So just establish an online request, taking care to specify the exact amount of work. The contribution is only an argument from financial institutions and without it is entirely possible to obtain satisfaction.

Once the request has been filed and taken care of, the advisor will then study the applicant’s situation by assessing his borrowing capacity without contribution but also his current debt ratio, in particular if he repays credits. Once this evaluation is complete, the advisor will then ask for proof of the work, regardless of the type of work. Here is also a frequent list of the nature of the work linked to a request for a bank loan.

Renovation, embellishment and structural work

Foundations, basement, roof, sanitation, earthworks, crawl space, development of basement or living room. Installation of veranda, pergola or realization of a terrace. These major works require tailor-made financing, ideally a home loan because it can make it possible to obtain better rates but on condition that the work project is above the minimum threshold of 75,000 euros, otherwise the consumer works loan proves to be an effective alternative.

Energy works

Thanks to tax reductions and state aid, many people opt for energy work: insulating roof spaces, windows, installing a heat pump or energy-saving heating, heated floors, etc. This energy work can be accompanied by both an assisted loan and a work loan, which allows you to bring your home up to standard while still benefiting from financial assistance that is always welcome.

The decoration works

Smaller and often requiring less significant funds, decoration works are also concerned with obtaining credit, which is more when the borrower does not have personal contribution. Whether it is to redo the paintings (see to find a color with a color chart) or to change the tapestry, the personal loan of works proves to be a good solution to obtain the funds quickly.

Credit work without contribution: the simulation

Credit work without contribution: the simulation

The operation of the simulator is relatively simple, several partners are carefully selected according to their consumer loan offers, with the criterion of the absence of contribution. Once the form is validated, the offers are sent directly to the applicant by e-mail, which then makes it possible to select the work loan offer without contribution and to finance his project. It’s completely free and without obligation.


Apply for student credit Mon, 27 Jan 2020 03:11:15 +0000

Funding as a student is not easy. A student loan helps many students to finance their studies and running costs. As a student, it is often not easy to finance your livelihood. There may be tuition fees, the provision of teaching materials such as books and of course as a student you also want to enjoy this time from time to time, that is, to celebrate or go on vacation. For many students, a part-time job next to the university is not easy to cope with, since studying requires a lot and you spend a lot of time in the library or generally learning. In addition, many students also do or have to do unpaid internships to make it easier for them to start their careers later and to orientate themselves. Yes,


Student loan at the house bank

Student loan

In addition to the student loans, there are other ways to finance yourself as a student. Many students are looking for a cheap loan that many institutions already offer: the student loan. The student loan is characterized by the fact that it has favorable conditions, especially for students, so that as a student there is no need to worry about having a mountain of debt at the end of your studies. One way to apply for a student loan is through the normal house bank. Not all banks offer special student loans, but many already do.


Student loan

Student loan

Another possibility is offered by the Moneythink bank (credit institution for reconstruction). Moneythink bank actually offers support programs for start-ups or helps with the modernization of the house, but Moneythink also offers student loans in the field of student finance. The student loan from Moneythink is paid out in monthly amounts and the repayment is similar to the student loans: Moneythink Bank’s loan only has to be paid back at the end of the course.


Student loan through a credit portal

Student loan through a credit portal

These two ways, via the house bank or the Moneythink bank, are the conventional methods of obtaining a student loan. Another, in addition to these bank loans, is taking out a loan through a loan or finance portal. Although these are not special student loans, the loan is granted by private individuals and actually has no prescribed purpose. This way via the private person has the advantage that you can possibly speak to your lender personally and that they are usually at the level of a normal student loan with the terms of the loan. The private lenders show an understanding of the situation of the students and help them to finance themselves.


What should you look for as a student with student loans?

student loans?

What you should pay attention to is the credit bureau: If you already have a negative credit bureau entry as a student, which can happen faster than you think, it will be difficult to obtain a student loan from the house bank or the Moneythink bank. The creditworthiness will be classified as insufficient and the bank will therefore not lend any money. It looks better with a student loan through a credit portal. The private lenders are quite ready to help students with a negative credit bureau to finance.

Although there is another option, students are generally advised against this: a loan without credit bureau.Loans that are granted without credit bureau playing a role (except for student loans via a credit portal) are often not affordable for students because their conditions are accordingly higher if the credit bureau is not to be included. Therefore: as a student, steer clear of loans without credit bureau, you can quickly get into a financial emergency and the current purpose of financing yourself as a student is in the opposite direction.

New method to avoid credit card fraud Tue, 14 Jan 2020 03:06:02 +0000

As more and more consumers stick to their credit cards to pay for everyday expenses, fraudsters are wasting no time and are finding ways to exploit failures and carelessness in using this convenient means of payment.

Do you feel safe with your credit card? Wouldn’t you rather check out the tips we posted here to prevent scams? Just keep reading.

This may happen to you. You end up on a nice day with an abnormally high account statement. You notice all kinds of expenses of which you do not know the source.

It is obvious that the date on your card has been stolen or that someone has abused it without your knowledge. But how to avoid this kind of situation? Here are seven tips to prevent credit card fraud.


The mobile payment

online loans

which has been tested for some time, is expected to grow in 2015. It is a payment method in which the buyer can pay with his smartphone. Apple also offers Apple Pay. Various banks and savings banks have come together to develop a uniform standard.

As more and more options for cashless payments are offered, consumers are skeptical about whether they are secure methods.

It can be assumed that there is a particular risk from credit cards and ID cards that work with magnetic stripes. If a hacker can read out the information on the magnetic stripe, it is easy to manipulate and use it. The complications were only recently seen in the Lesly Chaos Computer Club. It was found that even biometric recognition methods, which include the fingerprint scanner, are susceptible to fraud.


Breakthrough in security thanks to Dutch researchers

credit cards

With the help of the smallest particles, it is checked whether it is really the card holder. The card no longer has a magnetic stripe, but a small field with millions of nanoparticles on it. This field is processed with a laser by the issuing bank. The photons are arranged once on the surface and are just as unique as the fingerprint. In this way, a clear assignment to a person can be made. The area can never be copied. The researchers assume that a credit card that is equipped with such a technology cannot be cracked.The data would be destroyed even in a single attempt.

The practical thing: Not only credit cards could become unbreakable through this mechanism, but also ID cards, cars or access cards for buildings.

Loan Property – Home Financing Tue, 24 Dec 2019 03:31:15 +0000

If you would like competent help on the subject of real estate loans, you have come to the right place. We advise buyers and property owners on needs and independently with financing. The dream of owning a home with a garden or your own apartment can be fulfilled with the right real estate loan. Finding the perfect financing is difficult with the many lending banks. With the many offers with different interest rates, conditions and fees, the overview is quickly lost. We specialize in real estate financing. We support you in the task of comparing the various offers of the many banks. Let our financial adviser, who remains your contact for you, give you individual advice! You not only save valuable time, but also money. We find the optimal real estate financing for you and clarify all important points when concluding the contract.


Find a cheap real estate loan exclusively from your house bank

real estate loan exclusively from your house bank

Many other credit institutions have been facing strong competition in the financial product markets for some time. As a customer, you benefit from this competition, for example from low interest rates and better conditions. We support you in finding a tailor-made real estate loan. In addition to the offered interest rates on the loans, we also take into account other relevant criteria. A long-term loan should not only fit your project, but also your needs and financial options. In addition, more and more customers value flexible financing that adapts to their lives now and in the future and does not become a burden.


There are always changes in one phase of life

This can be the birth of a child and the loss of a second income, usually that of the wife. We will help you find a loan that is tailored to you so that you can meet the monthly charge even if your financial situation changes for some time. We have many options, mainly that of working with different banks. A fact that allows us to find the real estate loan tailored to you and your financial options. It is irrelevant whether this is a building loan for a planned house or apartment purchase or whether you need follow-up financing after the end of the fixed interest period of your previous loan contract. Thanks to our very good contacts and our financing expertise, we are able to help you realize your dream of owning your own property. We support you so that you can soon use your own four walls.

Home finance comparison: Apply for the best loan! Sat, 21 Dec 2019 03:15:57 +0000

We would like to inform you optimally about the application for a house financing, and with our financial editorial team and experienced experts we have worked out a comparison for a good overview. If you would also like to read more about the topic or are interested in specific aspects, you can find a comprehensive guide under the comparison. Find the best home finance options for you now and apply for them online!


The best home finance at a glance

The best home finance at a glance

Have you always dreamed of not having to pay rent anymore, but instead of buying or building your own property using flexible house financing tailored to your personal needs? Or the deadline for fixed interest rates for your existing loan ends soon and you are looking for a particularly cheap follow-up loan?

Then you should only put yourself in the best hands and find the best conditions for you and a competent partner with a comparison. Most providers not only finance your house purchase or house construction cheaply at the best positions, but also have the terms adapted to your individual life situation during the term. The best conditions are:

  • Low interest rates for 5, 10 or 15 years
  • Redemption from 1 to 10 percent pa freely selectable
  • Change of redemption possible twice free of charge
  • 6 months free of interest

Home finance should give you all the freedom you need. Optimal is therefore a clear basic loan with additional conditions to be set individually.

Do you want to check in advance without obligation and free of charge what financing amount you can afford or whether a change of bank is worthwhile for follow-up financing? Then use the online comparison calculator to calculate the best conditions in advance and find the best home finance in a convenient and clear manner.

Are you planning to realize your dream of owning a home and are you looking for home finance? The current low interest rates on the capital market are ideal for this, but home financing still needs to be well thought out so that you and your family can secure themselves over the long term.


The best home finance – what services should the credit institution offer

home loan

Your house bank or the new provider for your house financing should essentially meet the following minimum requirements: in addition to the classic takeover of new and follow-up financing, it should also offer forward loans and advise you on funding options from the Reconstruction Credit Institute

In addition, you are entitled to services such as loan extensions, small loans (residential loans) for renovations, modernizations or complete renovations. As a rule, the provider will apply for these funds for you and pay them out to you immediately if they are approved.

Also ask for interest rate discounts. Some areas receive special funding, which the bank should pass on to you. These interest rate reductions then also apply to follow-up financing or forward loans. In the case of loan extensions, however, not because the interest conditions of the original contract are used there. It is worth considering the possibility of debt restructuring here.


The best home finance – The path to home refinancing

home finance - The path to home refinancing

Homeowners who want to take out a loan for the first time or make a financing request are often still unsure how they should ultimately get from the request to a loan provider to their dream home. A home finance calculator first helps to clarify the most important question: What does home finance cost overall? The result shows clearly and without obligation whether the dream can be planned realistically or not. A further inquiry to the desired potential loan provider with a click will then provide you with information about further steps, how the application for funding will ultimately be made, which documents will be necessary and which provider will offer you personal advice if you use the online service -Procedures are not familiar and would prefer an additional on-site discussion.In any case, use an online calculator to get an overview. You will be surprised at the differences between the providers. The mortgage calculator answers the following questions:

  • What does my planned house financing cost in total? So basic amount plus interest costs plus additional costs
  • How much will the monthly financial burden be?
  • What happens if the repayment rate changes?
  • How much will the remaining debt be at the end of the fixed interest period?

The calculator gives the opportunity to play with different conditions. So you can develop different scenarios and try out the effects on interest rate developments with different terms. The relevant interest rate for you is the annual percentage rate, because in contrast to the borrowing rate, it includes all incidental costs that the bank charges.


The best home financing – how does it work with follow-up financing?

The best home financing - how does it work with follow-up financing?

Follow-up financing after the end of the fixed interest period is usually the rule for home financing. In the case of larger projects, multiple follow-up financing is often necessary, because either the old loan contract will have to be extended or rescheduling to another bank will take place if it offers the better conditions. With the follow-up financing, the remaining debt is repaid. So that you can compare in peace, you should take care of corresponding offers in good time before the interest rate lock expires. Since such a comparison works for follow-up financing, for a contract extension with the current bank or for a debt rescheduling and a normal loan comparison outside home, an online calculator can also do an excellent job here.A new provider can offer you a new interest rate if market rates have changed.


The best home finance – comparing is worthwhile

home loan

So if you use the online calculator to find a cheaper offer than your current financing bank, rescheduling can make sense. It is best to use the end of the fixed interest period, because then you can usually terminate the old contract with one month’s notice, without having to pay a cent prepayment penalty.

If your loan has been running for at least ten years, you can cancel at any time with a notice period of 6 months. All credit institutions are obliged to do this and you as a borrower should keep your good money together with low interest rates. You have nothing to give away. Since the banks usually regulate the debt restructuring procedure among themselves, it remains easy for you after the comparison and your signature: you do not have to worry about transfer and conversion afterwards. You only benefit from more favorable terms, because the higher the remaining debt and the compared interest rate difference, the more meaningful the debt restructuring becomes.


The best home finance with forward loans

The best home finance with forward loans

A forward loan is also often worthwhile for follow-up financing. You can take out this loan up to 60 months before the end of your fixed interest period and then use it to replace the old loan or rescheduling. Favorable: You do not have to pay any installments during the lead time – during this time everything is frozen, so to speak, even the cheapest interest that you secure for the future. So you have made two loans side by side for a while, but you only have to pay one. A forward loan usually has a small premium, which the lower interest rates make up for. Therefore, use phases of low interest rates with a forward loan to secure the best conditions for your home financing.


The best home finance with Reconstruction Credit Institute funding

Reconstruction Credit Institute grants are divided according to various criteria, depending on which measures are to be funded across Germany or across Europe. In recent years, the focus has been on energy renovation to increase the energy efficiency of old buildings and energy-efficient construction on new properties. This includes subsidies for thermal insulation on walls, roofs and ceilings, renovations for heating or windows and external doors, installation or renovation of ventilation systems and the optimization of an existing heating system.

Furthermore, in the context of conversions or refurbishments, the handicapped or elderly building is promoted. Find out in advance about the various options on the Reconstruction Credit Institute website and speak to your bank about them, because in addition to low-interest loans, Reconstruction Credit Institute also offers guarantees and, under certain conditions, grants that do not have to be repaid. Services by architects and other consultants are also promoted by taking over a certain percentage.



If you want to finance a house and are dealing with the subject for the first time, you will often be amazed at how serious an interest advantage of only 0.1 percent is. This is related to the high construction or purchase sums and the long terms when buying a home loan. It is therefore important to compare and test before home financing as well as follow-up financing after 5 to 15 years. The following applies: the higher the amount to be financed and the longer the loan runs, the greater the influence of the interest rate difference between two loan offers. Determine this difference using our loan calculator. Therefore, a comparison is definitely advisable if the project should fit into the individual budget.Only each consumer can find out which is the best home finance for themselves in a comparison and home finance test.

Credit card, credit limit – what is it? Thu, 19 Dec 2019 02:59:28 +0000 Almost every bank offers its customers credit cards that have a limit. The borrower can use the money and must then return it in time. The limit can usually be extended so that the customer can withdraw money from the card again. This is very convenient because you can use the money at a convenient time. No need to collect documents, no need to spend extra time. But if you have a credit card, the credit limit can encourage purchases that are not always needed.


About credit limit

credit limit

What is a credit limit? This is the amount of money that the bank makes available to the customer for permanent use. With the receipt of a bank product, it already has funds so that the borrower can withdraw money or pay for purchases. It is necessary to repay the debt in good time to avoid unnecessary provisions.

Virtually every financial institution grants a grace period, including a private bank. A credit card, the limit of which may initially be small, is used by the customer for 50 to 60 days without interest. Specific conditions in all banks can vary. If the customer uses the service competently, the customer has the option of withdrawing funds profitably more than once.

Failure to pay funds in the prescribed period will result in interest. This service only has a credit card. The credit limit can increase over time, but this is determined by the bank’s decision.


No limit

No limit

When ordering the card, the customer receives a limit, otherwise the release does not occur. But there are zero balance cards. Usually they are debited. For example, this is the product of Visa Platinum Getbond Bank. It is necessary to learn from the staff of the facility about the particularities of use and maintenance.

This card is considered a debit credit, provided immediately. When spending her no money. The bank’s decision provides a certain amount for several days, and the customer is notified of this by SMS or call. Then the card receives the credit status. This is the “Corn” card, “Euroset” makes it possible to put money in debt.


Size limit

Size limit

The bank sets a limit depending on customer solvency. It also takes wages into account. If a customer has been issued with a credit card, the credit limit may increase over time. This is affected by improved solvency. Usually provided 50-100 thousand dollars.

If a customer is not solvent, Limit rejects. Calculation rules in each bank are different. As a rule, the payment should not exceed 25% of the income. Be sure to consider all of the customer’s expenses. The size of the limit affects the content of ownership of real estate, cars.


Increase limit

credit cards

If there is a credit card, the credit limit can be increased. In each bank it is calculated in its own way. For example, in the  client sends an application, certificate of income, a document of property. The examination of the application does not take longer than 3 days, after which a decision is made.

Getbond Bank independently decides to increase the amount if the customer uses the services continuously and returns the money immediately. The limit can therefore be increased if:

  • the provision of documents;
  • continuous use of funds.


How do I find out the credit limit?

credit limit?

To find out the amount of the amount provided, you can use the following options:

  • You should familiarize yourself with the contract that was issued when you registered with the bank;
  • the amount is shown on the ATM check;
  • the customer can order a declaration from the bank;
  • There is a convenient online banking service.

Such methods are available with any card, including the Corn card. Euroset offers the possibility to use a personal account. It is convenient to make various payments and transfers.


Reduce the amount

Reduce the amount

The amount can not only be increased, but also reduced. This happens when:

  • There is outstanding debt;
  • There is a risk of bad debts.

This is done in a one-way mode specified in the contract. On request, the customer can reduce the amount himself. For example, he receives 300,000 dollars, and the customer does not withdraw this money and is afraid of losing the card. Then he can make a statement asking to reduce the amount of funds to the desired amount. Providing a limit is a profitable service because you don’t have to look for money sources if you need to. It is only necessary to repay the debt in good time.


We are often asked whether investing in loans is lucrative for the strategic development of a savings plan. Basically, we can answer this question with a yes. But there are a few points to keep in mind so that the investments remain profitable in the future. It is important which goal you pursue. We would like to show you two strategic goals.


1. Goal: Wealth building

1. Goal: Wealth building

If you are planning a strategic asset accumulation, investing in loans is a very attractive option. The most important thing is that you have a clean distribution key and diversify your portfolio accordingly. On our online platform, you can invest in personal and business loans for as little as USD 500. It is up to you in which credit category (private or SME) and rating level (AAA-C) you want to invest. Personal risk tolerance is decisive here. If you are planning an investment of USD 100,000 or more, we can offer you our choice mandate. You will receive the full version of our mandate for an investment of USD 1 million or more. We keep you informed about new investment opportunities, you decide on individual concrete systems and we make your investments.


2. Goal: Generate a regular income

2. Goal: Generate a regular income

Crowdlending opens up a completely new asset class for private as well as institutional. The possibility to finance installment loans gives investors the opportunity to generate a regular income. Because the monthly installments (amortization and interest) of the borrower give you, as an investor, the monthly repayments of your investment. You define the amount, the term and the rating level and thereby determine the amount of your income.


Tax relief with P2P investments?

Tax relief with P2P investments?

If you are pursuing tax relief by investing in personal and business loans, we must inform you that no tax-optimized investments are currently possible. The interest earned is generally subject to income tax for natural persons in Switzerland and must be stated in the tax return. You will receive an extract from us for your tax return at the end of the year.

Stay flexible with our secondary market when it comes to planning your future

No matter whether and how much you invest on our online platform, you can always offer your investments on our secondary market at any time and before the loan project ends. So you have the maximum flexibility in terms of your liquid assets.

No investments at Lite Lender Bank yet? You can make your first investment at USD 500 and join the Lite Lender Bank investors.

Credit bureau free car loan Sun, 08 Dec 2019 03:36:58 +0000

A car loan is a loan that is used to finance a new car for a specific purpose. Appropriate loans are both brokered by car dealers through the car bank and paid out by commercial banks.

The deposit of the vehicle registration document (registration certificate part II) is customary as security; in the event of an occasional waiver of its delivery, the vehicle buyer must prove to the bank in another way that he is actually using the credit to purchase a car. As is usual with all loans, a Credit bureau request is made for a car loan taken out in Germany as well as the entry of the financing into Credit bureau.

Negative Credit bureau entries and the auto bank loan

Negative Credit bureau entries and the auto bank loan

A Credit bureau-free car loan cannot be taken out through the car dealer, but an existing negative entry does not always lead to a refusal of vehicle financing, especially since the loan is secured by the car itself. As soon as a customer is ready to pay a third of the purchase price as a down payment, the car bank is hardly interested in existing Credit bureau entries, because whoever can pay a correspondingly high amount is apparently solvent again.

Since amounts up to 3500 USD can easily be borrowed from Good lender banks without Credit bureau, it is easy to make a correspondingly high down payment when buying a small car or a used car. In the case of used cars with a low sales price, it can be negotiated with the dealer that he does not broker an installment loan to the car bank, but instead concludes an installment payment agreement with the buyer, for which he does not necessarily have to make an inquiry. The installment payment agreed directly with the dealer as a Credit bureau-free car loan is ruled out due to the high purchase price for new cars and young used cars.

Good lender loans for buying a car

Good lender loans for buying a car

While Good lender banks only grant ordinary loans without Credit bureau up to amounts of 3500 or in some cases 5000 USD, a few federal credit institutions also grant car loans in the amount of a new car price. When granting a car loan without Credit bureau, Good lender banks as well as German credit institutions usually require the vehicle letter to be deposited as additional credit protection.

Furthermore, Good lender banks only grant their Credit bureau-free loans to dependent loan applicants with a few exceptions and require a significantly higher regular monthly income than German credit institutions. With regard to the interest to be paid, a Credit bureau-free car loan cannot be compared to vehicle financing through a dealer and it is also more expensive than most vehicle loans associated with a Credit bureau request.

Of course, a Credit bureau-free car loan also enables discount negotiations with the dealer, so that the additional costs compared to a car bank loan are partially offset by savings in vehicle prices. Consumers are happy to accept that a Credit bureau-free car loan is slightly more expensive than a vehicle loan with Credit bureau if they do not receive vehicle financing from German banks.