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Do you have work to do but no contribution? Lenders agree to offer offers of loans without contribution in the context of carrying out work. for more.

Credits for works: the contribution

Credits for works: the contribution

The contribution is a sum of money set aside or resulting from the resale of a property, it is a sign considered positive by lenders who see in borrowers a financial capacity to put money aside. That said, the purchase of a house or the unexpected in life means that a household is not always able to save money to finance the work, which requires resorting to a loan to the consumption.

Lenders offer offers of conso credits dedicated to the works without taking into account the contribution, it is the assurance of being able to finance its works without constraints: structural work, public works, roofing, veranda, terrace, insulation, tiling, etc …

Loan work without contribution: how does it work?

Loan work without contribution: how does it work?

A borrower can ask his bank or through a comparator like this one a quote for the financing of his work. If most banks ask to see require to advance a contribution, it is not systematic to first benefit from financing and secondly to negotiate the best rate. So just establish an online request, taking care to specify the exact amount of work. The contribution is only an argument from financial institutions and without it is entirely possible to obtain satisfaction.

Once the request has been filed and taken care of, the advisor will then study the applicant’s situation by assessing his borrowing capacity without contribution but also his current debt ratio, in particular if he repays credits. Once this evaluation is complete, the advisor will then ask for proof of the work, regardless of the type of work. Here is also a frequent list of the nature of the work linked to a request for a bank loan.

Renovation, embellishment and structural work

Foundations, basement, roof, sanitation, earthworks, crawl space, development of basement or living room. Installation of veranda, pergola or realization of a terrace. These major works require tailor-made financing, ideally a home loan because it can make it possible to obtain better rates but on condition that the work project is above the minimum threshold of 75,000 euros, otherwise the consumer works loan proves to be an effective alternative.

Energy works

Thanks to tax reductions and state aid, many people opt for energy work: insulating roof spaces, windows, installing a heat pump or energy-saving heating, heated floors, etc. This energy work can be accompanied by both an assisted loan and a work loan, which allows you to bring your home up to standard while still benefiting from financial assistance that is always welcome.

The decoration works

Smaller and often requiring less significant funds, decoration works are also concerned with obtaining credit, which is more when the borrower does not have personal contribution. Whether it is to redo the paintings (see to find a color with a color chart) or to change the tapestry, the personal loan of works proves to be a good solution to obtain the funds quickly.

Credit work without contribution: the simulation

Credit work without contribution: the simulation

The operation of the simulator is relatively simple, several partners are carefully selected according to their consumer loan offers, with the criterion of the absence of contribution. Once the form is validated, the offers are sent directly to the applicant by e-mail, which then makes it possible to select the work loan offer without contribution and to finance his project. It’s completely free and without obligation.


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